Koch Bros. Fund Anti-Choice and Anti-Gay Efforts/ Hating Koch Bros. is simple ill-liberal,anti-social, halucinaddict anti libertarian practice!

Koch Bros. Fund Anti-Choice and Anti-Gay Efforts.

//////// NO Koch BROS. ARE LAISSEZ FAIRELIBERAL, INDIVIDUAL SOCIAL PROGRESS,CONSERVATORS! IT IS SIMPLE! Anti-libertarians preach, about the alleged anti social practices of libertarians! For example, militant, radical progressive brand, ill-liberals, claim the reason libertarians oppose state intervention, into wages and benefits, regulating policy, is because libertarians want to protect the rich and wealthy, from the working class! Progressives think rich and wealthy folks, oppose letting working class folks, get a fair standard of living, minimum wages and quality of life! That Progressive premise, is rooted in Progressives not paying their own minimum wage to their own selves by learning truth before waging unjust class war! The old mercantilist fallacies of static piles of gold, we must fight for or go to war over! So class war of the Progressives’ mindset, is rooted in this old mercantilist mental framework! The Mercantilist mindset, is an image of a pile of gold, laid out, over the world at hand, waiting to be collected and used as riches for trade! So the old mercantile fallacy, of beggar thy neighbor, is now transformed into class war, over the new coin of the realm, the paper money or the money equivalent of capital value! So, that puts trade and social commerce, in a kind of tug of war, rather than a social kin forming, social bond relationship! So today, we hear endless talk of unfair practices and social injustice, regarding wages and benefits of workers, allegedly exploited by employers! Meanwhile, entrepreneurs and capitalists workers are investing their savings in our capital stock of our social economic world! That just keeps progressing ahead, while we make a living ,growing our stock of cumulative formations of tools, equipment, plants and technology! A symbiosis with the tools and technology of our accumulating formations of plants and equipment, is our skills and talents we develop to use the tools, equipment, plants and technology! Our skills, talents and workmanship, as well as our inspirations, motivation, drive and survival instincts, integrate with our work ethic! This is only just some of our diverse stock of our human capital, in many different forms! All together, the physical plants, equipment, tools and technology, are more or less the means of production, in the old classical liberal, social science terminology! Then we evolved a slightly more fluid terminology, to define the concept of capital! So now we have a two sided meaning of capital! We use the term, capital, to be an accounting tool! So we calculate our economic computations, with a common means of economic exchange and the complimentary, flip side of that physical means of economic exchange! That is the common denominator of exchange of value, in our trade of elsewise,DIVERSE different objects, labour, time, social services and all else, we exchange in our public market trade processes! This terminology, is akin to ideas of capital,as our socially objective, common means of exchange for our subjective survival and happiness needs! Our neighbors’ social objectives of pleasing our needs ,by way of supplying us with capital value, in payment, if we are selling our goods and services! If we are buying from our trade partners, we are paying them for our subjective needs to fulfill our survival, or more, our pursuits of our further happiness, beyond survival! Our trade, secures our basic survival and conserves a progressive growth of steady stocks of supplies, of the goods and services, we need to utilize to survive and thrive! All the above, are collectively, our social progress, of our social individual deeds! We engage in this social economic exchange, as individual social contributing agents, in our social symbiosis! That social symbiosis, results in our great social economic progress! Now we come back up to the ugly rebirth of neo mercantile warfare! This is the rootless atomizing free radicals, causing progressive self destruction! This is free radical, progressive, self consuming, aggressive self destruction! It is akin to the self destruction of all golden ages of our whole human race ! Now, we stand at a very similar spot, in our current state of marginalizing our social progress, in the name of progressive social justice! The militant, radical, progressive hate on the Koch bros., is akin to this suicidal progressive cancer of Nazi Germany’s 1930s! National socialism and Soviet socialist partnership with the Nazis from 1939-1941,is particularly a vital teaching history lesson! Hating Koch, by the militant, radical progressives, is the 2014 great grand child, successor of the Stalin-Hitler Axis-Socialist partnership! Just look at the absurd cartel of insiders, on this web pages’ reading list icons! Feninazi, militant, radicals join anarchist communists, anti male, pro ArabistEmpire nazi-Stalinists! ArabistEmpire racism,joins alleged Islamo-Phobia activism,joins Somali feminist victims of Arabist patriarchal racism! Militant gays, demand a totality of recognition of gay marriage, while they insult private limited liability incorporated business partnerships! I can not see a way to protect anybody’s partnership rights, to private sovereign rights, from state intervention, while claiming to uphold anybody’s civil rights, to form any kinds of superficial unions, in name, but not social individual substance! So the militant gay marriage fanatics, hate on corporations! They are akin to militant pro abort, feminazis’ hate on economic choice, like school choice! But feminazis demand their choice over their narrowly defined sexual reproductive functions ! But the feminazi abusers of young puberty absorbed boys, like my self, were told we were supposed to not demean women! A woman’s whole body, mind and soul, were not just for the sexual objectification by self-serving of the man’s subjective lusts, for women’s sexual organs or functions! But now the feminazis, claim the great social civil rights, to get paid, to make their choices, about their sexual organs, regardless of anybody else’s choices! Tax payers are the public market trade constituents,that are forced labour, for those feminazi’s reproductive and sexual choices! The Gay mafia and feminazi klan go together, with the communazi great social suicide cult of Jim Jones town, Peoples’ Temple’s communes grandchildren! 2014 Communazis’ cezar and gaia marriage is part of ,established church state clericalism! This is the real issue, on this witch hunt, against the Koch brothers! All this, is because the Koch bros., are exercising the civil social right to say no means no! We libertarians, are the live and let live, laissez faire liberals! We promote progressive growth of, let you do your thing, while you let us do our thing! That laissez faire liberal, let us all do our social deeds, is the complete opposite of fascism! Nazism forces the ego to be consumed by the community, as defined by the state! Libertarians regard the state as the night watchman! The watchman forming a cartel with the private home security, the neighborhood tutor, nanny, the nurse, home insurance mediator, arbitrator, psychologist and good housekeeping seal, is Nazism! That leads to Cezar worshipping, guillotine triggering, mob revolts! Let my people go, laissez faire liberal social practice, does not have to be met, with the 2014 cartel of pharaoh worshipping cult! Cezar idolatry, married with gaia cult, clericalism, defines the 2014 militant radical, progressive ill-liberal, anti social cancer! Let us do our social deeds in peace! We do not want or need to force you to do anything, you do not consent to do! We do not need to surround you and outvote you, unless you wage territorial aggression, by your trying to overwhelm us, with your mob gangster 1932-33 Nazi styled, vote! We are willing to live and let live, in a mutually non interfering, laissez faire liberal, social progressing framework! So do not keep wasting human and natural ecological resources, you could use to fund your own choices! After all, progressivism always preaches you are for peace, because war wastes valuable lives and general resources So ,like Newhart said, just stop it! Stop your class war, your race war, your sex war and all else of your neo mercantilist territorial war! In fact, we could convene some way to divest of all government property, we do not miss anyway,that We would not have already under the umbrellas of monuments and the like! So the millions of square mile of USA so called public land could be granted to all the poor and lower income folks, you progressives claim you want to help! You could actually do something, really social, for your perpetually exploited identity politics, victim groups! Then we could get back to a friendly federal social framework, were you would have no more excuse to enslave your neighboring fellow social human race individuals!


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