“The Market as a Social Space”

Virgil Henry Storr

Dr. Virgil Storr’s article “The Market as Social Space: On the Meaningful Extraeconomic Conversations that Can Occur in Markets” published in The Review of Austrian Economics won second place in the 2009 Templeton Enterprise Awards’ article category and was also the winner of the FEE Prize for the best article in Austrian Economics (2009).

As the FEE Prize committee outlined: “In ‘The Market as a Social Space,’ Virgil Storr explores the noneconomic sociality that occurs in markets.  Drawing on Richard Swedberg’s insight that the market is a “specific type of social structure” that it is not just an abstract price-making mechanism, Storr develops a theory of how markets facilitate social activity and encourage noneconomic relationships.  The contribution of this paper is threefold.  First, he presents a more complete picture of real-world markets.  Second, by developing our understanding of markets as a social space, Storr provides a means for…

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