Learn Aramaic: What is Aramaic?

Learn Aramaic: What is Aramaic?.

The map lays out the AramaicAssyrian-AramaeanSyriac nation! AramaeanSyriac-AramaicAssyrian country, stretches across southern Kurdish country ! The Kurdish nation crisscrosses the intersections of Anatolia, Syria, Iraq and Iran’s north country! AramaicAssyrian-AramaeanSyriac country is the whole of the environs south of Kurdistan ,overlapping southern Kurdistan’s margins! Southern AramaicAssyrian-AramaeanSyriac country, overlaps both Sunni and Shiite Arab branches of Arabist Empire occupied AramaicAssyrian-AramaenSyriac indigenous home country! The whole political geographic environs of the above social cultures’ national home countries, are Arabist empire occupied! Ethnic Turks, occupy Anatolia, as mercenary hands of the Arabist empire’s Baghdad Kaliphate, the Arabist empire’s successors’ last dynasty! Arabist empire occupied Greek western Anatolia, as well as AramaicAssyrian-AramaenSyriac, Kurdish and Armenian country, is racist apartheid colonial tyranny over all these Arabist empire occupied ethnic nations!


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