ArabEmpire states are ArabLeague states’ dynasty

The 1900-2000s ArabEmpire dynasty is the ArabLeague, (confederated) states, complete with slavery, serfdom, and client states, called the Islamic Cooperation Organization States,(OICS), the former Islamic Conference States Organ! Islamic non Arab State-ism, occupies real ethnic nations like the pro western Muslm Kurds, Berbers & Darfur!  Many Kurdish & Berber Muslim non Arabs, love Israel & the west, while Darfur has not got the luxury to love much yet! The Islamic non Arab states of the Islamic Cooperation organization states, include powerful rivals to Arabs, like Iran’s claims to Arab racial patrilineage via Muhamed’s male line! That is in contrast to weaker countries like Mali or Niger, not much better off, if at all better off than Darfur Muslim non Arabs! Turkey & Iran as well as Pakistan are bigger powerhouses, than the poor African Muslim non Arab states! Meanwhile the Arab League proper, is the ethnic Arab nation’s occupation over countries greater in square miles, than Canada, by 40%! The Arab League is 50% larger than the whole USA, including Alaska! About 75%-80% of the Arab League is non Arab country! Arab empire invading conquerors, occupy millions of square miles of S. W. Asian Red Sea and Mediterranean countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq Jordan and of course PalestineArab country! PalestineArab country is actually pre Arab empire JudaeanHebrew Zion,Israel! Iraq & Syria are AramaicAssyrian & AramaeanSyriac country! Egypttian Arab Republic occupies EgyptiCoptic country & Nubia! Sudan is Nubia and environs renamed SudanArab republic, after an Arabic root  SDN, for black!  MauritanianArab republic is BlackSudanis and BerberAmazighZenaga north African non Arab country, occupied by an Arab minority elite! Algeria and Morocco, are Arab elite occupied BerberAmazigh home country! If this does not describe an ArabEmpire confederacy, then tell me something else, to tie it all together! It started as an Arab empire! So just because it is not technically an Arab empire single state, does not mean it is not an Arab empire! 


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