Communazi,Lee Harvey Oswald, caucus, war on JFK-LBJ

Communazi you say, JPG? Is it just simply,that the simplest answer, is the simple truth? Is it simply, possible, the Communist Lee Harvey Oswald , did kill JFK, and killed the Progressive Democrats’, last semblance of old school liberal social progress! We know LBJ, was still old school, as far as supply side reflections, of old school John Maynard Keyes, teachings go! Keynes had  taught that all taxes, should be cut to grow the pie! Taxes cool down economic activities by cooling the stock of the economic margins of more risky inflated, bubble headed ideas! The 2000s “Progressive” Caucus, of the USA Congress, is totally purged of JFK-LBJ old school Progressive liberals! So the Communist dreams of Lee Harvey Oswald are alive and kicking, all through 2013-2014 Progressive Caucus Democrats! Lee Harvey Oswald was so Communist he was more idealistically pure than the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was! He was allegedly reported  to be too puritanically radical of a  Communist, for the Russians to lend him, much of a hand! So we are given an example, of a stateless, idea of social identity, stolen by Communist Socialism, so deep that even the Russians thought, he was too freaky! But Socialism is identity theft against social identity! It should be exposed as just that, by drug warriors , anti abortion warriors, looking for a social conservation mission! It is like any else, of social identity conflicts between “Progressive” and Conservatives! Conservatives have their own fight against their old school enterprise of conserving social individuals being innocent till proven guilty! That conserving innocence presumption, is destroyed by prohibition of social consent, prohibition of social success, without the regulations police, licensing approval, red tape! So our women-neighbors, getting pregnant, are punished by “Progressive” anti human, guilt tripping, like Communist China’s one child compulsions and prohibitions, regulating of social individuals’ choices! So yes, Communazi is, the right name, for he killing of the JFK-=LBJ great social progress, liberal democratic caucus!                2012-2014 Radical, militant, progressive caucus democrats, cannot even articulate the simple fact of women’s private, individual self ownership rights! That is, of individual women’s private property, over her own life breath, in her vital wind pipe, animating her baby’s heart beat ! So Progressive pro choice militants, cannot debate pro lifers, cause pro choice progressives, do not think women’s health care choices are hers!

That is, in spite of the one correct potential argument, proving abortion is closer to social suicide, than individual murder! But radical, militant Progressive defense of abortion, is not based on the individual soul power of women! Radical, militant progressive, pro abortion policy in China, is the reasoning, of the militant, radical progressive socialist war on human social individuals’ private, personal living choices!


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