Let me help you succeed as USA Pres! Prof. B. H. Obama !

 We have watched as you show your addictive practices! You have made, perfecting your self-destructing ,deeds a habit, right in front of the whole world! That is complete with blame directed at anybody else! You can stop, like Bob Newhart, the TV comedy acting therapist said, “just  stop”, “Do not do that any more”! If you know you must stop doing something destructive, just let yourself stop doing that deed! If your deeds are blocking yourself from doing the deeds you know you need to do, Let yourself do the deeds you know you must do! That is my Laissez Faire, let us do our deeds for our social individual friends, neighbors and kin, as well as ourselves! That is to  help us all fare well, going forward! Our social frameworks, help us shift away from fear, for our social success!


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