Progressive Rock Race music, segregating our one social human race, into ghettoized ethnic cultures

Progressive rock industrialists cartels’, class peace, between Black & white divisions, of turf, reflects Progressive white rockers’ race music covered their Progressive” Political constituents property rights! It is in copied replicating & interpreting of originals, that the Black Progressive cartel members, acceded to, in the great social new world order of the Progressive segregating of ethnic cultures!

Progressive rock music,venues,FM radio,classifying of the 1970s,Soul,R& B, Black, Album Rock, Psychedelic Rock,classifying was as racist as can be! Now these old wind bags, I have not sorted out the wheat from the chaff, yet! Most reports say the bulk of the aged FM rock industry is mostly  “Progressive” politically, out there, all out supporting of “Progressive” Political partisan interests! It is kind of akin to the fact that super big business, corporate interests, big banks,& big Hollywood & big music industrialists, mostly support progressive political class war! Progressive rock industrialists of the album rock ethnic(white)divisions of artificial segregating, discriminating between economic dots of our social continuum, do the same in politics! Progressives segregating music reflects progressive political insiders’ cartelizing & segregating cultures of all social contributing factors! That’s their way of  Progressive social integration?

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One thought on “Progressive Rock Race music, segregating our one social human race, into ghettoized ethnic cultures

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    Did I miss the “Progressive “brand politicals, use of the state to force or compel, “Progressive” rock industrial complex insiders, on FM radio, to institute affirmative action, in some minimum Black proportionate way of representative percentage of access to the “Progressive” rock industrial complex,corrporate apparatus!?

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