Happy birthday,Social individual,brother, inspired,challenged and saddened !

A particular person I know, was a friend and great social help for me! He helped me in my youth, get work experience! He hired me as a landscape, labour hand! He hired me to work on building houses in Vancouver, B.C. Canada! I could never do those things without his hand! He was one of my many jobs providers, I had at hand, to choose from, in my teens and early twenties! Rival envy or hate jabs from his kin, for helping hands, he got, from anybody else, has kept me intimidated from saying good words about him! But, no more intimidating stabs in his back, from hate filled  folks, will stop me from saying the truth of my social sense! He also challenged my bigotry against schools of social thought and social practices, I was totally ignorant about! He took my abusive yelling and shouting at him! All that, anybody else may have also faced! But he challenged me to dig deeper below all the skin deep images of the political commercials! I think he got the basics, without need of much more than chats with his friend from his youth, a current real estate proprietor! Now I was burning with curiosity! I did remember “The Wealth of Nations”, Adam Smith’s classical liberal arts work of social science! I read it! It was not easy reading! It was written in the language of the USA Declaration of Independence,of 1776 ! The Wealth of Nations, was published March,1776,just a few months before the July 4,1776, Declaration of Independence! From there, I wanted to find Adam Smith’s influences and  resources! That need for roots, lead to looking in Adam Smiths Index and bibliography! This lead me to look up the LaissezFaire Liberal, social economics, that lead up to Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”! Now I was able to see a different kind of liberal social progress! Adam Smith, never called his school of social teachings, conservative! He called his school of thought, the “Liberal system or the system of natural liberty”! This reading lead me to read all kinds of ‘Classical Liberal” social teachings! I thank my brother, for his quiet challenge to my arrogant loud mouth smart know it all hate!


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