“Progressive” brand violating law of Progressive wage growth?

If I play guitar, but violate laws of musical harmony, if I do not keep time & a melody, I will not sell at all! I will not sell as much or please as many of my potential public, as I would wish, if I hope to get paid for my job at  “working” as a musician! Now ,would I accept the standard ideas, that I cannot make it without a musician’s labour representative or a musician’s guild? Do the Rolling Stones need a musician’s guild, corporate rep.? Does Clint Eastwood need one for his “Play Misty for Me” piano playing Jazz work? Is there a good reason alleged Labour representative party insiders, leaders of the Democrat party or their allies, like the New Democrats of Canada, do not even try to discuss the laws of supply & demand, impacting labor’s best shot at progressive wage raises ?


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