Minimum wage,labour organizing & total violating law of supply & demand

If our labour organizing & minimum wage advocates really care about how well workers fare,then they would not be very successful with out a learning how supply & demand impacts the prices! We  pay our neighbors in all social economic trade, prices we can reach, depending on some balancing act, in our subjective thinking, about what we can afford, with our competing choices, facing us, all, square in our faces! Just think how you act, to your pizza delivery driver! Do you try to tip the driver or  delivery person? Do you think about each delivery, apart from the drivers’ wages per hour, or do you think only about the hourly wages? I barely think about the drivers hourly wages! I do want the driver to remember my good customer appreciation, of good mercantile trade relations, I plant in his hands, with at least the standard, if not above standard tip!


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