Do post 60s “Progressives” hate 60s GreatSocialProgressLiberals JFK&LBJ?

JFK & LBJ were explicitly cutting ALL TAXES ON ALL INCOME BRACKETS,OF ALL TAXPAYERS! Why would current tax & spend LIBERALS, CALLING THEMSELVES “PROGRESSIVES” not do the JFK-LBJ thing? JFK & LBJ reduced tax rates on all tax payers,to raise tax revenues for “Progressive” “Liberal” spending social programs?

Do “Progressives” hate old school liberals, like JFK & LBJ? Are “Progressives actually, dare I say “COMMUNIST”? Did Communist mercantilism win, even though Communist militarism lost?


One thought on “Do post 60s “Progressives” hate 60s GreatSocialProgressLiberals JFK&LBJ?

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    Democrat Pres.John F. Kennedy gave speeches from the start to the finish, of his violated presidential term of office! He is well known for his laying down the law of the USA, North American & Western Hemisphere of the Americas’,sphere of influence! JFK stood firm in the face of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ new colony, Castro’s Cuba! He also gave speeches, deeply rooted in social economic science! He laid the groundwork, for LBJ’s Great Social progress,liberal programs! Their policies’, use of our common means to our common social objectives, though facing healthy debate, from loyal opposition Conservative Republicans, was passed into law! However, we may have evolved in how we act, in our common goals of creating a great social safety net, we can not now debate it’s funding by way of JFK & LBJ’s reduced tax , dynamic social science based practices! In Plain English JFK & LBJ plainly stated reducing taxes was to raise tax revenues via growing the taxable base of the growing economic private property & business sector’s taxable income & trade activities! post 1968,”Progressive” haters, displaced that social science objective reasoning, with anti social bigotry & class war! So the “Progressive” insider takeover of the Democrat party, lead to the purge of the old school Great Social Progress Liberals of the JFK & LBJ Democrats’ era!

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