Dr.Dishwasher,dock worker represents….

              If there was ever to be a degree, in dishwashing, stocking, dock working labouring, I would be Doctor Stocker Docker,Dishwasher,INC. We endure, endless attacks, by alleged representatives. of  “Labour’s”  rights to organize for “workers'” social economic progress!  Now we have alleged Fast Food workers, of all kinds of companies, claiming rights to organize unions for labour representation, in negotiating with fast food corporate executive elite! I am not employed, by any of them! I am not in that market  now, maybe forever, after, from now on, maybe never again! But I worked in that bottom of the literal, “food chain”, for what now seems like forever! That was my issue, for further discourse, elsewhere! For now, Let me offer my Dr. Dishwasher, Dock worker observations &/or questions!Have you ever heard any union leaders or promos talk of any kind of “WORKERS’ MARKET”? I can not put my finger, on one single use of the term “Workers’ market”, can you? Now why would we not have any body claiming to represent workers’ interests, making use of that simple term, “workers’ market”?


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