Boehner and the Medical Device Tax war on war on poverty

Boehner and the Medical Device Tax on social environs.

“Progressive”radicals’ war on, the “War on Poverty”, is exemplified by the Obama-care & Hillary-care, anti social direction! Pres.Lyndon B.Johnson’s “War on Poverty”, was funded by reducing tax rates on all tax payers of all brackets, regardless of class, or how green the tax payers’ stash was! LBJ’s “War on Poverty” was controversial, in its consuming of capital, grown from tax cuts, proposed by JFK! The majority of the 1960s,Progressive liberal democrats, supported the practice of taking the footprint of taxes, off the nose of Human capital’s vital winds of job creation! The JFK-LBJ war on poverty, was funded by bourgeois entrepreneurial middle men! JFK-LBJ tax cuts, let human ecology do its works, creating more wealth to be taxed! That cut the footprint of the state,as much as possible, to let Atlas do his social works! That was the comparatively LassezFaire, liberal social, direction of the Great social, liberal progressives, voting for the “War on Poverty”! That was the old school, conservatory of the great social, progress liberals, directly under assault by current ill-advised, ill-liberal radicals! The 2013 militants, wage war on the 1960s “flower children”, progressive liberals’ social actions! Radical militants’, “Progressive” steepening of tax rates, multiple compounding of new, double ,triple & quadruple taxes, are making war, on the war on poverty! 2013 radical progressives, are making war on the great social progress, liberal directions & principles, of JFK & LBJ” “War on Poverty”!

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