Boehner and the Medical Device Tax assaulted by Fact’s mercantile pitch!

Boehner and the Medical Device Tax.

Fact Check. Org is making use of scientism, an elite insiders’ political infomercial, posturing as science! It is crystal clear, Fact Check. Org, does not connect the dots of the whole Social world, of individual social opportunity costs, of taxes! It does not matter how trivialized Fact Check. Org makes small tax percentages appear! The 2.?% tax is small,only if it is, on one isolated dollar! But the figure, the author spoke of, was much greater! Is there a reason, “Fact Check .Org”, does an attack job on the conservators of basic human ecology? I am well aware the republicans, do not speak good science language, when doing their human ecological work! They are trying to list a string of facts together! They mistakenly think this is just a succession of quotes, they can tie into a nice sequence of pictures! That is not the right way to go with this! The static images of scientism are not at all the dynamic images of social science! We are individual social worlds of the greater social universe! We do not behave like social ant hills, or social bee hives! We are not social apes or monkeys, or social primates, in a zoo! We are individual social, human race, constituents! We connect the private, personal, dots of individual social life choice! Our individual social worlds, are our spot values! We bond together, all else of individual social spots, we connect, in our individual social universe! We pay a vital price, for forced, interpersonal activities! The state, regulating, our private individual social choices, is force or compulsion! Force costs our individual social worlds! It costs our social universe, in compounding multiples, of anti social impact, leading to self destruction! The above is my take on the medical device tax on our social human ecology! It suffocates our individual social human ecology!


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