indiscriminate use of the word discriminate leads to identity theft against our civil social sense of discriminating between UnCivilAntiSocial vs. proCivilSocial deeds

  Our  insiders’ cartels, are selling us, the idea that, discrimination is uncivil, not civil or violating civil rights! Now listen to the voices telling you There goes John Paul again, talking crazy! I am not a mental heath expert! So I can not tell you what their defining properties of crazy are! But I know I heard about indiscriminate bombing of civilian non-combatants in wars, for decades of my life! So I also remember back years ago, that some people have a discriminating palette! Some body was said to have a discriminating ear. Some one else could discriminate between an honest used car salesman & somebody else less than honest! So we now seem to have less than discriminating sense of  how to use the word discriminate! So now we are under a new robbery of our first valuable meaning! Now we have used it for discriminating on some unfair basis! Discriminating on the basis of ethnic identity is now just discrimination against the violated ethnic identity! These little corrupting practices, are a human ecology tragedy of the commons! They are motives for the drifting across the unclear vital marks of words defining property rights of our civil social identity! So are we going to just keep letting our tax payer funded teaching elites & their legal elite intelligence cartels, just plain commit identity theft against our civil social language? Let us stop indiscriminate tolerance, for their intolerance, towards our civil social universe of discriminating common civil social sense!


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