Obama’s Summer of Discontent

Choice reviews of tragic 2000 ace cezar mania?

Chicagobluesgirl's Blog

Summer is waning. Many of us feel like we did not have much of a summer due to the fickle nature of Illinois weather. We Chicagoans know this feeling well as seasons in our state often flit from month to month with the longest one being winter. I am inherently opposed to winter; I’d like to quit believing in it and maybe it would shrivel off and disappear. Foolishly, I used to hold to a fancy that the ugly, bitterly cold and slushy season really would one day fade leaving in its place a cool but mild transitional phase before spring and summer. This delusion I held to reminds me of the way Gore views global warming and Michael Moore views the wonder of health care everywhere else. The first is a fantasy and the second is just wishful thinking for ideology’s sake.
These kinds of illusions paint for me…

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