This socialization & socializing discourse is vital!

A Homeschool Mom

(Another guest post from my husband)

Actually, I won’t be discussing other stupid myths. The myth about “socialization” is stupid enough. It’s one which has been dealt with so often that I thought it was a dead issue. Yet, critics of homeschooling continue to beat this drum, and as long as they do so, it will require a response.

Critics of homeschooling fall generally into two camps: those who are simply ignorant and easily persuaded by the sophistry and constant drum-beating of anti-homeschoolers, and the anti-homeschoolers themselves. The former group, thankfully, can usually be educated about the facts. The latter, on the other hand, usually have an ideological prejudice (e.g., “it takes a village” collectivism) or a pecuniary or power interest that drives their bias against homeschooling (e.g., public educators, teachers’ unions, or those who trust in big-government power interests). Such anti-homeschoolers will not be convinced by the facts. They…

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