Freedom’s Watch Attorney: I Tried to Warn the IRS.

Can this be anything but rotten for Mr. President B. H. Obama, the leader of the free world?

Rivers of Hope

The attorney who represented Freedom’s Watch in its two-year battle with the IRS on Saturday tells Newsmax that he tried to alert officials back in 2011 that the tax agency was unfairly targeting his conservative client and its donors.

“Although I did not realize the full implications at the time, it is clear that my allegations of targeting of this conservative group were known by top Exempt Organizations’ officials, and presumably, including Lois Lerner and possibly Steve Miller, in June and July 2011,” asserted Washington, D.C. attorney Jeffrey P. Altman in an interview with Newsmax.

As Newsmax reported on Friday, the IRS targeted the already established Freedom’s Watch and its largest donors at the same time it was targeting conservative groups and tea party organizations for added scrutiny, according to former president and CEO Bradley Blakeman.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Blakeman said that he was also personally targeted…

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