JohnPaulGettelmanNotesOn MATC Global Horizons – Walesa Bibliography

JohnPaulGettelmanNotesOnMATC Global Horizons – Walesa Bibliography.

This is like the kkk calling it self progressive Christian church goers! This “progressive” brand empire, of elitist socialites, is promoting Benny Morris’ alleged expert discourse on Zionist Arab war! His colleague Dr. Abbas Hamdani tackles Arab-Israeli peace process, from his special post as co founder of the Milwaukee Area Arab Jewish Dialogue! Notice, both of these two “progressive” social activists, make no room for Islamic Darfur non Arabs or Islamic Kurdish non Arabs! Notice Dr. Hamdani does not have a peace studies for JudaeanHebrews & PalestineArabs dialogue! Could it be he does not recognize the ethnic national,social properties of Israel, as a JudaeanHebrew nation? He certainly has no time for Kurdish Islamic Non Arab national, social properties! The same goes for Darfur,Sudan,African,Islamic Non Arabs! He just has no time for Darfur Islamic Non Arabs or Kurd Islamic Non Arabs after all the PalestineArab & JudaeanHebrew dialogue? Not!


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