JohnPaulGettelmanNotesOn MATC Global Horizons – Walesa Bibliography

JohnPaulGettelmanNotesOn MATC Global Horizons – Walesa Bibliography.

The Taliban from The ArabistEmpire front lines shock troops, war making students blew up the old Buddhas! This bunch of fake, superficial “progressive” have their meditating classes, to cultivate peace? While Dr.abbas Hamdani is a stirring the passions of hate for the west JudaeanHebrew, Zion,Israel & all this while disregarding the very true beauty of the Koran! Did you know the Koran orders the nation of Israel to take a firm handle on the Holy land Allah put Israel in? No, but you did get to know how the Zionist European Jews colonized Palestine non Jewish country! I will just bet you did not learn from Dr. Abbas Hamdani’s Islamic studies, that no war of aggression in Islam is allowed for conquest, at all! Only defending the defenseless is just war in Islam! Did he explain how the Arab Empire got to be larger than the USA, including Alaska? So all this while you do your peace meditating?

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