JPGettelman’sSocialHumanRaceIdeasOnFrom Charles Murray on Twitter…

From Charles Murray on Twitter….

JPGettelman notes RichardEpstein left me thinking there are no easy answers!CharlesMurray’s answers are probably quite well social rooted! I think he represents my idea of our whole SocialHumanRace,in our working to conserve all ethnic parts of that whole! I also think his social works are rooted in his judgement that socialism’s insider’s elitism is based on anti social,junk science Socialism’s regulating of regular individuals’ social life choice,is a wall of apartheid segregating us from our fellow individual social partners! I think the essence of his social critique is rooted in the Mises impracticability of socialist calculating of social deeds! So Murray’s social thinking aims to end socialist apartheid walls built up by Socialism’s intellecual eitism! In contrast, Murray’s social plan is to conserve our LaissezFaire Liberal individual economic social choice!That will be a real help for regular folks of all kinds of ethnic identies or anyway else we may choose to divide or classify our whole SocialHumanRace!


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