JPGettelmanNotesArabEmpireIdentityTheftOnIslam@ 21stCent. University;prof.Hamdani Abbas | Dangoor Program of Universal Monotheism

Hamdani Abbas | Dangoor Program of Universal Monotheism

via Hamdani Abbas | Dangoor Program of Universal Monotheism.

The ArabEmpire college proff.Dr.AbbasHamdani is a real delight to the senses,if we suspend our CivilSocial Humanity!White ArabEmpire apartheid is like a drug,in it’s beauty!But so was white Africaaners Apartheid South Africa! ArabistEmpire apartheid professors acted as if it was ok to make an analolgy in the use of ArabistEmpire Philosophy,to equate white SouthAfrican Apartheid with JudaeanHebrewZionIsrael!But there was no ArabistEmpire community use value to show analogies between SudanArab, PalestineArab or IraqiArab outgrowths of ArabEmpire apartheid! Rivals in the current hate house of ArabEmpire successors(caliphates)may hate all else in the ArabEmpire Cezars’ campaighn,but all the ArabEmpire street is one ArabEmpire union!Dr.AbbasHamdani violates the Koran’s,commands that we are to help our enslaved Muslim brothers,the communities of Darfur, Nuba,Nubian BlackIslamic non Arabs enslaved or ethnically cleansed by his ArabEmpire kin! Look at Karachi’s,or Cairo’s student heirs of his teachings now!Look at his absolute disregard for Aramaic, Armenian, EgyptiCoptic natives or EgyptiaNubian MuslimNonArabs in ArabEmpire occupied,Egypt today!


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