arab empire – Google Search Arab Empire invading AfricanAsian Mediterranean shifting margins of expanding rival successive Arabist Imperial houses!

arab empire – Google Search

via arab empire – Google Search.

The ArabEmpire ties all the individual points of Arab world politics together like nothing else can!ArabEmpire invading in to AfricanAsian Mediterranean countries progresses up to now & still proceeds today!The conventional idea is that mutual rivalry over competing leaders nullifies the greater ArabEmpire as a single powerhouse!But ArabEmpire power is like anything else completly mistaken by Socialist State frameworks defining of Social worlds!The ArabEmpire street transcends ArabEmpire state margins!ArabEmpire fighters are not loyal to ArabEmpire state rival successors called Arab Empire Calipfs,giving the ArabEmpire the name ,Caliphate!People should remember the ArabEmpire did not totally Arabize the whole populations of ArabEmpire realms!Darfur & Kurdistan are stark examples of Islamic nonArabs invaded by ArabEmpire conquests,but not totally Arabized,or assimilated to Arabist cultural,ethnic linguistic & social identity!So these form a good starting point to connect all the dots of the ArabEmpire!These are cultures & social frameworks still unArabized!These are some major ethnicLinguistic nations that are IslamicNonArab like in Kurdistan,Darfur,BlackMoor,Mauritania & BerberNorthWestAfrica!These show the ArabEmpire does not make all equal as parts of the Islamic community!Islamic NonArabs still are marginalized from Arab common markets!The social worlds of ArabEmpire ruled areas are politically segragated Arabized worlds! Arabism is the supreme ethnic identity of ArabEmpire countries!Ethnic genocide,as in Darfur or Kurdistan is the answer to resisting ArabEmpire apartheid!It is ethnic cleansing of all resisting ArabEmpire apartheid!JudaeanHebrew ArabEmpire peoples,lived in the NorthAfrican & SouthWestAsian Mediterranean,from long before ArabEmpire invaders! AramaicAssyrian, AramaeanSyriac &CarthaginianCanaanite AramaicLebanesePhonecianPunic traders mixed in with PersianEmpire Aramaic trade language countries & peoples! Aramaic was the common language from Gibralter to China & India! Now, today’s inheritors of Aramaic speaking ancient peoples, still speak Aramaic accross that same realm, now ArabEmpire occupied country! All these ethnoLinguistic cultures are endangered nations under ArabEmpire Apartheid & ethnic cleansing genocide!The big Islamic nations like Turks,Iran & Pakistan are strong enouigh to play roles of partners to ArabEmpire Ethnic Arabist supremacism!Kurdistan,Aramaean country, Darfur,Sudan,EgyptiCoptic nations & peoples are not so strong as Turks,Iran & Pakistan! PalestineArabs,like SudanArabs & IraqiArabs are branches of ArabEmpire invations of AfricanAsian MediterraneanMidEast! We must always connect the dots of ArabEmpire occupation over AfricanAsian Mediterranean!


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