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This is a gem of an example of ArabEmpire elitist victim forming in progress!Elitist victim forming in progress?Can an empire of invaders’sons of invading sons of imperial conquest over natives’ country,be framed as victims of natives’ racist apartheid?Yes,ArabEmpire invaders’sons of ArabEmpire sons of ArabEmpire invaders,are now native victims of Zionist racism?It sounds odd,but that is AbbasHamdani’s frame of mind,in his describing of PalestineArab conflict with JudeaeanHebrew,Zion Israel!Meanwhile,the Holy Koran tells the nation of Israel to take a firm hand in the holy land Allah assigned to Israelis!So prof.AbbasHamdani goes on professing the racist ideas that Israel is not Israel!Israel cannot be Israel,or else anti Israel =anti Islam!So AbbasHamdani must profess that Israel is not Israel!Israel is just JudaeanGewrman(Yiddish)orJudaean Spanish(Ladino)&JudaeanArabic(Sephardim)but no JudaeanHebrews!


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