Seminar and Speak-Out on the War in Iraq

Seminar and Speak-Out on the War in Iraq

via Seminar and Speak-Out on the War in Iraq.

This program shows the clearly biased anti social qualities of the discourse!Not one single mention is ever made of ArabEmpire racism against Kurdistan,AramaeanAssyrian country & JudaeanHebrews of Iraq!There is no mention of Saddam’s axis Arab Empire partnership with SudanArabist racism against all of the SudanBlackAfricanNonArabs!There is not a word regarding Darfur,Sudan BlackAfrican Muslim nonArabs,& their struggle to conserve their liberty to be free from Arab supremacism! It is simply the usual claims that ArabEmpire invaders’ sons of ArabEmpire sons,in succession,are the victims!This is especially the case with AbbasHamdani promoting the victimhood of ArabEmpire invaders successors over Kurdistan & AramaeanAssyrian social worlds!Of course he does not complain directly about Kurdistan,but he just makes indiscriminate generalizing statements regarding Arabs,Arab culture,or Islamic culture!He disregards Kurdish Muslim NonArab culture & social life choice! Abbass Hamdani is the spitting image of the SudanArab disregard for Darfur,Sudan Black ethnic African Muslim NonArab cultures & social life choice!Last but not least Prof.Abbass Hamdani,as allways let’s the uninformed observer get progressively confused by his indiscriminate generalizing between the Golden Ages of Islamic Arab Imperial middle ages & todays ArabEmpire KlaNazi dynasties!This confuses real classical,tolerant IslamicArab Empire CivilSocial life choice with today’s ArabEmpire KlaNazis!All this is at tax paying USA expense,called public university education?

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