Ismailis: From Yemen to India and back | Ismailimail

Ismailis: From Yemen to India and back | Ismailimail

via Ismailis: From Yemen to India and back | Ismailimail.

Searching AbbasHamdani on Darfur,produced a list including this part of his works! Where is or was Proff.Hamdani’s works explaining Darfur? This article demonstrates the ethnic pride of Dr.AbbasHamdani’s intellectual leadership lineage!He is heir to a strong succession of Arabic culture & heritage! He expresses nothing for equal rights of AramaicAramaeans,Kurdish MuslimNonArabs, DarfurMuslimNonArabs,NubaMuslimNonArabs,Fulani MuslimNonArabs, BlackMoor MuslimNonArabs, Nubian MuslimNonArabs, BerberMuslimNonArabs, EgyptiCoptic nonArab Nations &the JudaeanHebrew,ZionIsrael non Arab nation!He & his ethnic pride stories are reflective of just that colonialist apartheid settler mindset he critiques so regularly,to explain the anger of the ArabEmpire street!But in his case,he has no warmth for the equal sense of ethnic ancestral sentiment of all the above mentioned nations occupied by ArabEmpire successors!These AfricanAsianMediterranean ethno linguistic nations want to conserve their culture & social heritage, like his kin did his Arabic in India!


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