Cardinal Stritch University /ArabEmpire violates Koran Just War law

Cardinal Stritch University

via Cardinal Stritch University.

This college discourse is so cliche! I am sorry! We must get beyond the superficial talk of Abrahamic three way branches all having the equal holy land roots, in the land of Israel! The PalestineArab war on Israel, does not have anything to do with Islam! ArabEmpire warfare pushers, violate the Koran! The Koran explicitly says the nation of Israel must take control of the holy land!The Koran says Allah ordained the Holy land to be he state of Israel! PalestineArab warring on Israel, is rooted in racist ArabEmpire Cezar-idolotry! It is the same ArabEmpire racism that animates SudanArab war on SudanAfrican Darfur MuslimNonArabs! The ArabEmpire occupied Berber country is reflective of both Darfur and Kurdistan Islamic nonArabs, violated by ArabEmpire racist marginalizing, native social worlds! PalestineArab war on JudaeanHebrew,ZionIsrael, is akin to IraqiArab war on Kurdish Muslim Non Arabs & IraqiArab war on AramaeanAssyrian, nations, invaded by the Arab empire! ArabEmpire racewar, violates Islamic prohibiting of any acts, that violate the peace, of any body that does not violate anybody elses’ peace! Let’s get real! Stop all this nonsense! The Koran’s Islamic Just war, law of neighborly defense, is the only legit way ahead for ArabEmpire states! Liberation or federation would be the only way ahead for Koran rooted, Islamic social frameworks, or set ups of The ArabEmpire commonwealth! If ArabEmpire Occupied African and Asian countries are not let loose, to form a friendly commonwealth, like the British or French do now, we will experience nothing but ArabEmpire rooted, racist chaos and genocide,and revolts against ArabEmpire occupiers! That is, as well as MORE 9-1-1 TERROR! LET OUR PEOPLE GO FROM ARABEMPIRE RACISM! No more ArabEmpire racism, HIDING BEHIND ISLAMISM

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