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Be Late.

Time, for Aristotle, is fundamentally linked to change and movement.  Where there is alteration or movement, there is time, for everything that comes to be and ceases to be are in time.  Another way of putting it is that there is change because there is time. Of things that come to be and pass away are things that belong to the world of nature (phusis).  For this reason we say about the concept of God that it is a being that cannot be said to be “in” time because it is a being without temporal finitude: an unchanging absolute being, summum ens, as when Augustine writes in Book I of Confessions,  “For you, God, are infinite and never change…you yourself are eternally the same.”  By contrast, natural beings are finite in virtue of their being in time.  This is why Aristotle’s analysis of time belongs not to…

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