Individual civil social life choice is hated by socialism!

Socialism hates individual civil social life choice! Tax funded school teachings lead people to think individual civil social life choice is un civil & anti social! We may not notice Socialism’s hate for Individual civil social life choice! That hate seems to be based on a feeling of envy described well in the usage of the USA urban culture’s social world!The USA Urban cultural social world is particularly distinct,in USA Black AngloSaxon Germanic meanings! It is shown in poetry of songs of Black composers!Two examples are,consent has a root kinship meaning with send,So we have the classic lyrics,Darlin you send me & I second that emotion,for social life choice! That brings us to full circle on the bold use of the ideas expressed in our urban cultured social terminology! Hating on any one else,for their social success is clearly common currency in USA urban cuiltural social terms ,again spread by popular socializing of informal gatherings! It is here we get to the simple truth of anti social,uncivil hatin’on civil social economic success by socialism,taught in tax funded schools!


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