EgyptiCoptic sums up the Greek terms for Egypt,to me!But I do not see why Coptic people have to abandon all else in western context!Just do not use Arabic!

ON COPTIC NATIONALISM في القومية القبطية

 Patrie is a French word which means the homeland, fatherland, motherland, native country.

The Coptic patrie means in short the Coptic homeland and State.

In a previous article we coined the word “Coptia”, where, we said, the word means the Copts’ physical space, Coptic community and Coptic nation.

We had aimed to revolutionise the concept of our understanding of ourselves: previously, we looked at ourselves as a Church (i.e. ecclesia or the group of people who follow the Coptic Church), people and sometimes, with a lot of hesitation, nation. We never saw ourselves tied to a land of ours – Egypt was our physical space even though we never had full or partial control of it, and when others ruled us and decided for us what would become of that physical space, and more importantly, what would become of us.

The novelty that the word has introduced…

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