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ON COPTIC NATIONALISM في القومية القبطية

All Coptic sacred space, whether churches, monasteries, schools or social services organisations, should have their names displayed in Coptic

The Copts’ neglect of their language is a sad story. At no place do we find that tragically demonstrated as in our churches. No one seems to have given heed to Samuel of Kalamoun in his Apocalypse: Arabic has replaced Coptic even in the sacred Coptic Church prayers, and we now see the beautiful liturgies of St. Basil, St. Cyril and St. Gregory being sung by priests, bishops and popes in Arabic. What a sad situation!

The neglect we see in our churches cannot be attributed to the clergy alone – the lay people take a large blame for it too. This shared neglect is best seen in the church plaques that display the names we give to our churches. Churches nowadays seem to be displaying their names in Arabic and…

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