Excellant contribution to the unspoken debate displaced by the worshipers of state as god,the example is Arabist stateolotry of the ArabEmpire successors ruling the ArabLeague!

ON COPTIC NATIONALISM في القومية القبطية

We have studied the definition of a nation in a previous article in some detail:


Here it is in short:

A nation is a group of people who possessall or some of the objective criteria of nationhood, which could include commonality of race, language, religion, culture, history, territorial contiguity, and economic interests, and which help inculcate in the mental constitution of that people a unique situation that creates in them common feelings of belonging and pride, and a will to live together for the futurein order to enjoy their special way of life and be able to defend themselves, and their way of life, against threats and aggressive behaviour of outsiders.

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