Ethnic EgyptiCoptic Nation,must be publicized as an actual ethnic nation! This is in contrast to Ethnic Arabist nationalism! ArabistRacism is like USA KlaNazism veiled as Christian nationalism!

ON COPTIC NATIONALISM في القومية القبطية

The Coptic Nationalists have decided to boycott the Islamist referendum on the Islamist constitution for the following reasons:

1. The process of producing the constitution was shameful, exclusive, and arbitrary and has been dominated by Islamists. This is not a constitution made by Egyptians – it was drafted, directed and passed by Islamists. In this sense, it is an Islamist Constitution and not an Egyptian constitution.

2. The content of the constitution is designed to restrain democracy, human rights, fundamental freedoms, women rights and Copts rights. It is a constitution made to support the emergence of a fascist Islamist state.

3. The referendum process is not fair or transparent – the timing of the referendum has been forced on the opposition by the Islamists so that they can’t have time to campaign enough against it; the Islamists will have total control of supervision, counting and pronouncing the result; all while…

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