I would dought that these Liberals are the school of Thomas Sowell;I can see them being of the RonPaul or BarakObama sort !

ON COPTIC NATIONALISM في القومية القبطية

The replacement of the word ”almaniya/secular/ عَلْمَانْيِّة’ by ‘madaniya/civilian/ مَدَنْيِّة’ in Egypt is not a benevolent deception – it is a devious one. Will explain:

– Some say ‘‘almaniya’ was replaced by ‘madaniya’ because many in Egypt have sensitivity towards the word ‘almaniya’ since it is taken by the Islamists to mean anti-Islam; so some liberals do-gooders wanted to ‘deceive’ the simple folk by using a veiled word (madaniya) that they hoped could give the same meaning as ‘’almaniya’.

– In fact, these guys, by accepting to use the word ‘madaniya’ in place of ”almaniya’ are just fooling themselves, since ‘madaniya’ can never give the same meaning as ”almaniya’.

‘Madaniya’ means ‘civilian’ which refers to a state that is not run by the military but by civilians; and a civilian state can be either a secular or theocratic…

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