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ON COPTIC NATIONALISM في القومية القبطية

Coptic textile fragment from the 4th century, in the Coptic Museum, Coptic Cairo: Two squares set at angles to each other.


My dear, focus on fighting the Islamists, our common enemy, but make alliances with anti-Islamist Muslims, our friends. Learn politics.


There is no denyingto it – we too have a religious far right, small but lunatic and toxic in its own way; and the recent events around the affair of the Innocence of the Muslims film have rudely proven that to us, and in the most tragic way. We knew of their existence all along, and we warned of their irresponsible, stupid activity – activity that is destructive, first and foremost, to the Coptic cause and the legitimate aspirations of our people.

In short, this lunatic Coptic far right fringe believes in the following:

  • That the Coptic struggle is between Coptic Christians and Muslims –

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