This won my soul by not calling the Arab invaders Islamic or Muslim armies & anything else akin to religious terms of art.They just used Arab(ic) invaders & the like!

ON COPTIC NATIONALISM في القومية القبطية

 The Coptic Encyclopedia has an excellent article titled “Bashmuric Revolts” which has been written by Mounir Megally.[i] It gives a summary of the Coptic revolts in the first two centuries of the Arab occupation of Egypt. He gives a list of eleven sources to his article. Megally also gives a valuable opinion as to the reason why these revolts failed.  As a good introduction to the topic, I take the liberty to reintroduce it here for the benefit of my readers:[ii]

BASHMURIC REVOLTS. In the seventh, eighth, and ninth centuries Copts revolted a number of times against the Arabic administration in different parts of Egypt and were rapidly crushed. Only in the Bashmuric region were Copts able to resist for a relatively long period against repeated attacks of the Arabic army by land and by sea and to inflict heavy losses on their oppressors while enduring lengthy sieges.

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