Flat tax with sliding scale down sloped for lower economic constituents,is the standard conservative libertarian republican practice!


Imagine gold dust accumulating in you where you have a special pocket to store the growing body of this precious valueable.That is mother’s baby body.At birth you no longer breath your vital wind into this infant gold.Then the golden form takes it’s own first life breath,and it’s vital signs are now all complete.This does not even scratch the surface of the precious new riches blessed on you.We could fully expect to feel blessed by this dynamic whirlwind of a living breathing child.However our anti social system of sacrifice to the state,skipping in line,in the middle of you and your child,lurks inside your head.Now those who claim to care for women,take the child to tax funded school monopoly environs.Here the golden fruits of your IndividualSocial labours are educated to put you second,after the god of the state and it continues to succeed to your office of authority over your household.It continues…….

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