As in Darfur,Sudan,EastAfrica,BidaniWhiteArabEmpire supremacists are building insider ArabEmpire cartels across borders.These are current successors of the world war II Stalin Hitler pact.The Haj Amin Al Husseini,the Grande Mufti of Jerusalem head of the PalestineArab Higher Committee,exemplifies the Stalin Hitler Union.This is expanded from Darfur,Sudan all the way to NorthWestAfrica in the former colonial FrenchWestAfricanState called Soudan(Mali).Sudan or Soudan are terms from an Arabic term for BlackAfrican in contrast to Bidani,for ArabWHITE.The Sudan zone, belt or region is the Black Africa margin bordering ArabEmpire ruled NorthAfrica.The Sudan belt goes from West African Mauritania to the east African Sudan Republic.SudanBlacks struggle to survive Arab supremacy of BidaniWhite ArabEmpire’s conquest!The Sudan belt goes all the ways from west African Mauritania,Mali & Niger through Chad to Darfur,Sudan. It is vital to our whole HumanRace to get a handle on this Social cross section of clashing BidaniWhiteArabist and SudanBlack Cultures.Mali is now, simply the latest…

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